Data Intelligence

Real-time data capture and analysis on what is happening in the factory. Using data to improve efficiencies, yield and quality.  

Data Capture

We make sure your business is leveraging all available data sources: from designing operator data entry screens, to capturing automated equipment performance, to integrating ERP system information


Along with production, safety and environmental metrics we specialise in prioritising and tracking manufacturing losses. Calculating the dollar value of all losses ensures you are always working on the issues with the biggest impact to the bottom line


Assisting companies with the effective resource allocation and action elements is all part of our service​

Providing Business 
Intelligence Solutions

We work with all levels of an organisation from operators to team leaders, engineering and general managers through to the corporate level to implement systems at plant level or across an enterprise.  

We work with all levels of your organisation from operators to team leaders, engineering and general managers through to the corporate level to implement tailored reporting solutions. This includes ensuring that reports are effectively integrated in to your business’s review structures – shift handovers, daily production reviews, weekly steering meetings etc.

We design integration and data capture, reporting systems and implement at all levels of the business.

The Dollar Value of Manufacturing Losses

Manufacturing businesses track losses using a variety of measures. Lost time might be measured as percent OEE or hours of downtime. Lost quality might be measured as percent Downgrade or number of customer returns. But given this information how do we ensure our improvement efforts are always focussed on the highest priority losses?

By using dollars.

Calculating the dollar value of all losses provides a straightforward prioritisation tool understood by everyone and ensures you are always working on the issues with the biggest impact to the bottom line.

Single Fastest Way  
to Drive Improvements

Our problem solving solutions are the single, fastest way to eliminate top line issues and drive improvements.  While many automation control companies focus on machine controls and programming, we specialise in data acquisition, integration, analysis and reporting to give all levels of a manufacturing organisation, from operators to site managers, the information they need to successfully run and improve business performance.

Overall Equipment  
Effectivness & Efficiencies

Identifing and reporting the OEE percentage of manufacturing time provides true efficiencies, lost time and lost raw materials all in real-time.  When we covert losses to dollars, this provides incredible clarity and prioritisation.  

Would not hesitate to recommend DTX

‘(DTX’s) reports and dashboards are heavily utilised by our production and maintenance team and have allowed us to make continuous improvement in efficiency and resolving line performance issues.’

Darren Hasanoff -

Project Manager

Tim has totally changed the way we do business.

‘As Ignition has become an integral part of our site; Tim has been there to support us through server upgrades, a cyber attack and a business acquisition. Without him our site would not be leading the network in innovation and engagement.’

Michael Riches -

Site Leader, Smithfield Juice

Frequently asked questions

Manufacturing Intelligence provides everyone in your manufacturing business with the information they need, when they need it, to make the best decisions possible. For two decades we have worked alongside site teams to implement data storage, analysis and reporting solutions across a wide range of industries.

This experience has given us a deep understanding of the needs of manufacturing businesses, not only in terms of their diverse information requirements but also in creating reporting solutions that are appropriate for every role in the organisation, from the plant floor operator to the division manager.

Whether it’s managing machine level data, modelling production processes, designing operator overview screens, building an OEE system or creating a suite of reports for the weekly site review DTX can assist with your manufacturing intelligence needs.

We can scale to meet your needs. From a single machine installation to a nationwide multi-site roll-out we work to design, build and deploy state-of-the-art manufacturing intelligence solutions.

While we work with a broad range of data storage and reporting platforms, the most common platforms include:

  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Power BI
  • Ignition

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