Ignition Software:


DTX delivering SCADA solutions with Ignition – the industry control system for factory and plant operations.

Ignition SCADA Integrator

Integrating Ignition SCADA systems for over a decade across dozens of installations to control and monitor manufacturing processes

Digital Transformation

Ignition SCADA by Induction Automation, is leading the way in digital transformation for the manufacturing industry

Next Gen Deployment & Integration

Fast design and deployment of SCADA projects so you can visualise, control and analyse all your data in one place

Data Acquisition at a Whole New Level

Ignition SCADA software provides real-time monitoring that gives you the ability to see the status of your facility at any one time and on any device. Ignition also provides a comprehensive set of built in data acquisition tools as standard.

Powerful Dashboards & Dynamic Reporting

We create dynamic dashboards and tools to analyse and monitor key performance indicators at a glance.

Create a paperless facility with a full range of dynamic, data rich reports that can be shared anywhere and at all levels of an organisation.

Looking for Better Data Acquisition, 
Analysis & Reporting?

We regularly deliver projects where we work in tandem with OEM suppliers to provide the data acquisition, data analysis and reporting for new equipment – on a single machine or across a fully automated production line.

Or perhaps you are looking to replace or upgrade legacy systems? We can assist with the delivery of new capital projects and provide systems integration.

Would not hesitate to recommend DTX

‘(DTX’s) reports and dashboards are heavily utilised by our production and maintenance team and have allowed us to make continuous improvement in efficiency and resolving line performance issues.’

Darren Hasanoff -

Project Manager

Tim has totally changed the way we do business.

‘As Ignition has become an integral part of our site; Tim has been there to support us through server upgrades, a cyber attack and a business acquisition. Without him our site would not be leading the network in innovation and engagement.’

Michael Riches -

Site Leader, Smithfield Juice

Frequently asked questions

Ignition is a leading platform for the development of Industrial Applications used by over half of the Fortune 100 businesses. With unparalleled connectivity and extensibility, Ignition is driving the digital transformation of manufacturing and making the paperless factory a reality.

We have been helping manufacturing businesses to get the most out of Ignition since 2012. Not only do we have extensive knowledge of the core Ignition platform from version 7.3 onwards we are also experienced in the SepaSoft MES modules as well as several of the other more common third party modules.

Whether it’s a simple tag historian or a multi-site MES system with ERP integration – we can help with your Ignition journey:

  • Gateway installation, networking and redundancy
  • Project design and development
  • Database design and development
  • Report design and development
  • MES systems
  • ERP integration
  • Alarming and Notification
  • 3rd party device and software integration
  • Upgrading – particularly when transitioning from version 7.x to 8.x

Find out how we transform the efficiency of manufacturing