Paper products case study: Create lost time reporting system

An international paper manufacturer had detailed lost time data capture with both downtime and slow running losses captured with reasons and comments across all machine centres. Unfortunately, the ‘out-of-the-box’ reporting tools were unable to distil the huge volume of available information and give the production team the information they needed to assign resources to the top priority issues in the plant.

Paper Products

Create lost time reporting system

DTX technology was engaged to design and build an advanced lost time reporting system using the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services platform.

The build phase required 1 month with DTX delivering all report development.

The delivered solution provides:

  • Drill down from plant level to machine centre
  • Integration of all lost time elements (downtime, slow running, time making waste) on all paretos and trends
  • Highly parameterised reports with many available groupings for location, reason and time groupings
  • Trending of all losses over time
    o Exposes whether efforts to improve specific problems are successful
  • Metrics reported in multiple units of measure:
    o Lost Profit ($) – ideal for prioritising losses in different parts of the plant
    o Percent (% of process time) – ideal for trending improvement over time
    o Lost minutes (min)
  • Error measurement on all data capture

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