Food processing case study: Replace legacy OEE and downtime system

A leading beverage manufacturer was using a spreadsheet based OEE system and a paper based downtime capture system across 8 packaging lines.

Food Processing
Replace legacy OEE and downtime system

The operations team knew that:

  • the data capture and data entry consumed the time of operators and team leaders that was better spent on the lines
  • the reports were not timely, did not give them the information they needed and were often inaccurate

DTX technology was engaged to design and build a paperless OEE/Downtime system based on an Ignition 8 gateway running the SepaSoft OEE 2.0 module and linked to both the site SQL server instance and the corporate ERP system.

During the design phase DTX worked with the site team to:

  • review the outputs of each PLC to support the automated data capture requirements
  • review the downtime reasons in use on each line
  • design the operator downtime overview/edit screens
  • design the operator and team leader real time overview screens
  • design the reporting interfaces for end of shift, daily production and weekly review meetings
  • design the ERP system (SAP) integration

The build phase required 2 months with DTX delivering all Ignition and database development.

DTX supported the site over a 12 month implementation phase including:

  • assisting the engineering team with PLC updates and connection to Ignition
  • creating documentation for using, maintaining and configuring the system
  • training operators, team leaders and the management team

The final OEE/downtime solution is fully automated and paperless, including:

  • integration with ERP system providing automated start/end of OEE runs
  • automated downtime capture, the only manual interactions are operator review of downtime reasons (when required) and entry of comments by operators and team leaders
  • real time OEE / ME reporting including integrated feedback of all lost time elements (downtime, slow running, time making waste) at line, cell and reason level
  • automated reporting at all levels of review, from end of shift to monthly review
  • reports delivered via Ignition and SQL Server Reporting Services
  • user screens for configuration and maintenance, eliminating the need for ongoing 3rd party support

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