Industry Partnership Testimonial – Darren Hasanoff, Bega Dairy & Drinks

'Tim Mallam from Randwick Technology has been partnering with our Smithfield site since 2014 in creating and developing our Ignition system.'

‘Via Ignition, Tim is capturing our equipment data (linked from our PLCs) to develop Dashboard screens to our specifications which provide great visibility on the performance of our equipment (OEE) in realtime as well as detail the production schedule (linked from our SAP ERP).

In addition, Tim has created useful reports in Ignition, such as downtime reasons by frequency and duration.

These reports and Dashboards are heavily utilised by our production and maintenance team and have allowed us to make continuous improvement in efficiency and resolving line performance issues.

I have worked with Tim for over 7 years and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone for this type of work’

Darren Hasanoff
Project Manager – Smithfield Juice, Bega Dairy & Drinks

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