Food processing case study: Create reporting system for newly installed robots

A food manufacturer was installing 5 robots to automate manual tasks and not only needed them integrated in to the site Ignition system but also reports built to track performance of the new equipment. DTX Technology was engaged to link the new robots to the site Ignition system and build the new reporting screens into various existing Ignition projects.

Food processing

Create a reporting system for newly installed robots

DTX partnered with the OEM supplier to:

  • identify the range of PLC tags needed to create the data set for the requested reporting
  • link the tags to Ignition
  • validate the report metrics following report development

The build phase required 1 week with DTX delivering all Ignition development.

The delivered solution provides:

  • Basic production data such as process order, SKU, recipe, throughput and uptime
  • Detailed downtime reporting including:
    o Downtime trends
    o Reason paretos
    o Drill through to event detail lists
    o Statistical analysis such as Histograms of event durations and mean time between stops (MTBS) and mean time to restart (MTTR)

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