Engineered wood products case study: Build an Ignition portal for data entry and real time reporting

A wood products company was looking to implement an Ignition interface to provide data entry screens for operators / team leaders and a real-time reporting platform that could be viewed throughout an entire plant.

Engineered Wood Products

Build an Ignition portal for data entry and real time reporting

DTX technology was engaged to design and build a project in Ignition 8 that could be deployed in all of the company’s facilities, linking to each site’s SQL server instance.

During the design phase DTX worked with the corporate IT team and site production teams to:

  • design the intermediate database tables for data entry and production data hand over
  • design the data entry screens for operators (e.g. product changes, downtime) and team leaders (e.g. shift/crew schedules, production comments)
  • design the report layouts for each process type and for department and plant level reporting

The build phase required 2 months with DTX delivering all Ignition and database development.

The delivered solution provides:

  • a single, common Ignition project that can be deployed across all sites
  • a configuration page to allow the available data entry screens and reports to be tailored for each PC out on the floor or in the office
  • data entry screens and reports tailored to each process type
  • real time department level and plant level reporting that are common across all sites

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